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An Awakening Walk: 500 Miles to Self-love and Acceptance on the Camino De Santiago

by Jennifer Winn Johnson

This book is a narrative of the journey that shook the author to her core. Shedding layers of self-recrimination and self-judgment she carried through her life, she found herself broken wide open. Over the 500 mile trail, Jennifer released tears of grief, sadness, and anger, and finally learned to embrace those sides of herself that were banished out of shame, fear, and social conditioning.

Chasing Peace: Freeing Your Spirit and Releasing Your Soul

by Amani Abdul

In order to fully understand what is happening outside of you, you must first understand what is happening inside of you. Your actions are a projection of your thoughts. Understanding yourself is understanding existence as a whole. Earthly life is about tests and lessons and through them, you can master your spiritual development.

Dream Big: The Universe is Listening

by Ilona Selke

Have you ever watched your thoughts manifest in 3-D reality and wondered how that is possible? DREAM BIG takes you on a journey into the greater mystery of the universe. Learn step by step, through fascinating stories, how to manifest your goals and dreams. At the same time you dream big, you create a better life for yourself and the planet.

God: A Human History

by Reza Aslan

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The bestselling author of Zealot and host of Believer explores humanity’s quest to make sense of the divine in this concise and fascinating history of our understanding of God.

In Zealot, Reza Aslan replaced the staid, well-worn portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth with a startling new image of the man in all his contradictions. In his new book, Aslan takes on a subject even more immense: God, writ large.

One + One is One: Making Oneness A Way of Life

by Howard Caesar

With heartfelt sensitivity and humor, Howard Caesar, in ONE +ONE IS ONE, offers up powerful life-changing universal principles woven into stories and examples from day to day life that all can relate to. In a very personal way, he will inspire you, make you laugh and perhaps shed a tear as he takes you deep into the heart of life as it is meant to be lived.

mining for gold marriage
Mining for Gold in Your Marriage: 12 Step Journey to Uncover the Hidden Treasures in Your Marriage

by Jesse P. Johnson and Melva J. Thomas-Johnson

Through the study of marriage and family therapies, marriage education programs, “trial and error,” an ongoing shared commitment, continuous dialogue, problem-solving, goal setting, planning, cooperation, and mutual support, we are excited whenever we have the opportunity to share these tools with other couples to enable them to also create the relationship they’ve also longed for.