My dearest public,

It is my sincere honor to present to you our August 2017 issue of Soulivity Magazine.  Since this is the end of summer, we are making it warm and sunny for your heart and soul!

In this month’s Soul Stories, I interview author and visionary Paul O’Brien, where he shares his incredible journey and new book.

Jesse and Melva Johnson help couples learn how to hear each other at the most difficult of times—conflict.

D’Angelo Thompson gets up close and personal with fashion designer and go-to production czar Ericka Mays.

Blogger Sharon Angela Lee shares how to move from a broken heart to an empowered and fully whole being.

And, the passion perfect journey of Brazilian DJ Pedro Turra is featured.

This mission of ours is at the heart of everything that flows across the pages.  It is all about connectivity…connecting with the deepest parts of ourselves…our hopes…our dreams…our purpose.  And then, sharing that “stuff” with others, so that they may become inspired to do the same.

So ENJOY and “in JOY” reading what our contributors have brought to your soul this month!


With nothing but love,