As we step into 2018, I find myself reflecting about Soulivity Magazine’s birth, growth, and the platform this project has become.

Before its inception, Soulivity Magazine was a rough concept that stirred my heart. There was a familiarity to this idea, as if it was part of an agreement made long ago. Once I said yes to the call, the foundation took form and became the platform that is Soulivity Magazine today.

This magazine provides the framework for my passion and purpose, which is to partner with like-minded souls for the purpose of elevating our human condition personally and globally. We partner to offer messages that inform, teach, stir, question, challenge, and most of all plant fertile seeds of possibility. From a seed, to a concept, to a platform, Soulivity Magazine is growing roots that touch more souls daily, and for that I am eternally grateful. Souls like you who are hungry, driven, and motivated to make our world a better place. A place we can be proud to hang our hats, and pass along a better and more humane heart driven legacy to our children. And even a place where our ancestors would rise and nod in agreement, that while life is difficult and messy, we commit to do our very best and stand in the unwavering power of becoming creators of a new and better world.

By choosing Soulivity Magazine as a destination for your learning and growth, you have chosen to answer a collective call. Together we will explore and forge new ground to grow our knowledge and hone our wisdom so that together we will say yes to all that stands in the name of love, goodness, and collaboration, and for the purpose of individually discovering our authentic passions and purpose. In tapping into purpose and passion, our gifts will flow freely, lives will improve, and the walls of separation between individuals, states, politics, countries, and cultures will fall, and we will live as one. Too big of a mission? Each big idea and dream begins with a small step.

So, to all of you who have become part of the Soulivity family, let’s stand in solidarity for wanting to know better so that we can do better. It is an honor to serve Soulivity and you in this way.


With nothing but love,