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How To De-Escalate Holiday Tension

The noted author shares some wisdom on how to resolve conflict during the holidays.

Soulivity Travels: CUBA! Pt. 2

Soulivity travels to the beautiful and amazing land that time forgot.

January 20, 2018, 3:33 pm
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Intermittent clouds
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What Makes Some Art So Bad That It’s Good?

Tommy Wiseau clutches a football in ‘The Room,’ the 2003 film he wrote, produced and starred in.

For Baby’s Brain to Benefit, Read the Right Books at the Right Time

How can you maximize reading’s rewards for baby?

Interview with Three Generations of Women (Women’s March, Washington, DC)

Soulivity Magazine interviews three generations of women at ...

Why Sex Gets Better in Older Age

A new study debunks this long told myth ...

Soulivity Featured Artist: Xochicotta

B. Westley Johnson, Managing Editor Soulivity Magazine The ...