Soul Stories: Grace and Patricia Ekall

The beautiful story of this mother and daughter is revealed.
B. Westley Johnson
upclose nathan hale

Up Close with D’angelo Thompson: Nathan Hale Williams!

Soulivity interviews the multi-faceted entertainment professional.
D'angelo Thompson


Rwanda, Forever!

Our resident travel photographer brings his travels of the motherland.
Damien Jackson

My Journey to Honduras (pt 1)

A beautiful story about a calling to go abroad and teach in a new land.
Kahlilah Hammond

Moment of Poetry: Separation

New poetry to sooth the pain of heartbreak.
Tracey Barbee


What’s the Big Hurry? Ten Ways to Embrace Slow Life!
Living the slow-life and learning how to enjoy every single moment of it.

Up Close with D’angelo Thompson: Julia Jovone!
Beauty expert interviews the Emmy-award winning makeup artist.

Two Brothers, One Kidney…All Love. (Pt. 2)
The second installment of this personal story of brotherhood, family, and renewal.

Hello…Goodbye…and…Hello. (Embracing Life After Catastrophic Injury)
Janelle Breese shares how to overcome adversary after a catastrophic injury.



Black Panther Roars. Are We Listening?

Letitia Wright in Black Panther. Popular discussions about the movie demonstrate a desire for representation in commercial media ...