Soul Stories: Grace and Patricia Ekall

The beautiful story of this mother and daughter is revealed.
B. Westley Johnson
upclose nathan hale

Up Close with D’angelo Thompson: Nathan Hale Williams!

Soulivity interviews the multi-faceted entertainment professional.
D'angelo Thompson


Rwanda, Forever!

Our resident travel photographer brings his travels of the motherland.
Damien Jackson

My Journey to Honduras (pt 1)

A beautiful story about a calling to go abroad and teach in a new land.
Kahlilah Hammond

Moment of Poetry: Separation

New poetry to sooth the pain of heartbreak.
Tracey Barbee


The Arrogant Bloom of Yerka Espinoza
Soulivity explores the world of The Arrogant Bloom and her passion-driven owner, Yerka Espinoza.

Soulivity Travels: World Best Hotel Spas!
Soulivity Traveler, Lisa Eve, shares her top five best picks for hotel spas across the globe.

Successful People and Their Relationships
How to have a successful relationship and achieve your personal the same time.

The Strength and Courage of Patricia Yaker Ekall
Author, Photographer, and Model, Patricia Yaker Ekall shares her life story from a young child of Cameroon to passionate artisan of Bristol.



Black Panther Roars. Are We Listening?

Letitia Wright in Black Panther. Popular discussions about the movie demonstrate a desire for representation in commercial media ...